Mini shell bags

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A spin off of the ever popular shell bags, these mini bags are great for bottle koozies, snacks, chokes and even covering your Turkey head to avoid getting blood all over your clothes on your successful hunt! If you wanted to put shells in it, the bag will fit 16 2 3/4” shells. The upper half of each bag is made from heavy duty canvas while the bottoms are made from micro fiber suede leather. Each bag has a draw string so that they can be closed and adjusted. Mini bags can be washed and dried as we tested them without having any issues with the leather being ruined.
 The Finisher “Everything dies… some die QUICKER” 
BOTTOM: Microfiber suede leather
 heavy duty canvas 
COLOR(s): Black/black, Black/Brown, Brown/black, coyote/black, Od green/Brown, Od green/Black