Took my Finisher with on annual trip to North Dakota. One member of our group is a taxidermist and he was amazed how effective the Finisher was and how little damage it caused. He said that everyone in our group needs one just in case their trophy isn’t DRT.

Steven Schmidt

I heard about the Finisher from the HP waterfowl podcast, and they didn't stear me wrong! Got the finisher last season and got to use it on some wood ducks I'll be mounting! I'd recommend it to anyone!


Nothing but good things to say about this product! I did a video review of the product on my YouTube channel, Fowl Assassins. Great buy for any duck hunter!

Johnny Helton

Extremely well made! Fantastic way to dispatch birds! Loved it so much i ordered two more for the hunting buddies! Fast shipping too!

Scott West

I’ve been duck hunting about 20 times this season and have honestly used my Finisher over 50 times. I never realized how many times I had to ring a neck before. This thing works great!

Dylan Webb