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The Blinder Headlamp

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Finally, a headlamp designed by outdoorsmen for the outdoorsman! We teamed up with GetDucks to create the ultimate headlamp, The Blinder! We were tired of not having the perfect headlamp and decided to design one to fit our needs, especially for hunting 365 days a year! The first thing we changed was the ability to cycle through the headlamp features quickly. When you power on The Blinder, it will Blind up your area with 3000 lumens! When you click the power button again, it turns off! When the power is clicked on again it will Blind up 1500 Lumens and when turned off and on again, it will feature the two red flood lights located on each side of the headlamp! The Blinder headlamp is powered by 2x 18650 button top batteries (included) with a run time of 4-5 hours! The center light has a zoom feature and can simply be used by sliding the bead located on the Bottom of the housing front to back which will give you a light beam from 100-200 yards!  We also included a SOS whistle located on the side headband for emergencies! Lastly, we included the ability to use The Blinder battery pack as a charging device for other electronics. This feature is designed more for those moments you are in a pinch and need to add a little power to your phone or GPS. The Blinder has a waterproof rating of IPX4 and comes with a 1 Year warranty.


  • 3000 Lumens 
  • Zoomable
  • Red Light
  • Powerbank
  • SOS Whistle
  • 1 Year Warranty