Poseidon Portable Charger

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Ever hike deep into the forrest using your phone as a GPS or regular GPS and wanted to go further and almost not make it back because it died? Or you were out hunting and your electronic device died because of the cold? Not anymore! Poseidon can charge your electronic devices using your current USB cord to your electronic devices ranging from cell phones to laptops! The Poseidon has received a military rating of mil-810G, is bullet proof sustaining a shotgun blast at 30ft, has a waterproof rating of IP68 and can be submerged in 6ft of water for 45 minutes! What more could you ask for from a charger? Every charger comes with a MICRO USB chord wrapped in 550 paracord and carabiner. Feel Free to add any $21 finisher to your cart and get your finisher free at checkout using discount code freefinisher !

  • Smartphone 3-6 Charges 
  • GPS 3-5 Charges
  • 2 Way Radio 4-8 Charges
  • Trail Camera 4-5 Charges
  • Bluetooth Speaker 4-7 Charges
  • Laptop .5-1 Charge