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Custom Lanyard

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Finally a 100% customizable lanyard without the hassle of waiting for someone to add what you want!  These lanyards come standard without any drops except for a split ring at the bottom.  After you add the lanyard to your cart please add the additional drops your want to purchase before checkout!  These drop attachments allow you to  keep one end clipped onto your lanyard but unclip the call from your lanyard.  We sell the combo packs that can be used together to get yourself a truly universal lanyard. Change your lanyard from duck hunting, to big game or a fishing lanyard! This lanyard is the last lanyard you would ever need to buy! We guarantee it! All lanyard purchases comes with a 30% off credit towards a Finisher® of your choice! To receive this deal, please add a Finisher® of your choice and use lanyard10 at checkout! This discount code may not work with other sales.